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FRIDAY 05.03.21

YEAH: We’ve made it!  One last push to the finish line …

Two tasks to send in today: English and Maths.  Remember to send in all parts of the task and read the tasks and questions carefully.


You Tube video links sent by email:

Maths: (1) 'In Focus & Let's Learn' (2) Guided Practice & Independent Practice

Story:  What’s That In Dog Years?  Chapter 3


9:00 – 10:00 Maths (SEND IN) You Tube Video

Maths No Problem

LO:  To calculate, estimate and compare the volume of cubes and cuboids.

Make sure you have the You Tube video that goes over the ‘In Focus’, but also the ‘Guided Practice’ and the worksheet if needed.  SHOW WORKINGS throughout!


  1. Go through the ‘In Focus’ task with me on the video.
  2. Complete the ‘Guided Practice’ Q2 – write the answers on the Word document.
  3. Worksheet.  Complete all questions.  Remember – use a calculator if you are struggling, but show each stage of your workings still.

Extension: Complete the challenge question. 

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

LO: Investigate the relationship between area and perimeter and use this knowledge to solve problems.

In this lesson you will investigate the relationship between area and perimeter and use this knowledge to solve problems.

  1. Complete the ‘Intro Quiz’.
  2. Work through the main learning.
  3. Complete the task by completing the challenges.  Think carefully about what each one is asking you to do before rushing ahead.  Use squared paper if you can, which will help – I’ve uploaded a blank sheet of squared paper to help.

10:30 – 11:00 Reading

World Book Day: Share a Story Live Show

Books and the Real World

Watch the live show!  Click the link below and it should start at 10:30.  Let me know what you have taken from it - what did you learn?

11:00 – 12:00 English (SEND IN)

LO: To write a biography (Part 2).

This is lesson 10 of 10.  If you haven’t completed the other lessons, then go back and complete them before beginning today’s lesson.  In this lesson, you will recap previous learning and set success criteria.  You will then write the rest of your biography.


  1. Follow the lesson through, using the worksheet to complete the mini-tasks throughout.

Easier Task

As above, but use the supported worksheet below. 

‘Catch Up’

Use this time to catch up with any work you didn’t get a chance to do throughout the week,  do some extra practise with something you found challenging or to investigate an area you found interesting.



And BREATH!  Take some time to feel proud of yourself and recognise how well you have done.  Choose an activity that you love doing, like colouring, drawing, playing a game, cooking, walking or reading and ENJOY IT.  We are ALL proud of you.  You really deserve this time for you!