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Thursday 14th

Today you need to return your maths, English and theme work.


Miss Thomas’s group – Today you are going to be thinking about splitting lengths of something into smaller, equal groups.  This is just like the time we did dividing.  If you remember dividing is when you split a number into smaller, equal groups.

Mrs Malone’s group - We are starting a new chapter today.  Throughout this chapter we are going to be practicing and using numbers up to 20.  Remember to count carefully.  Also think carefully about which way round your numbers face.  Before finishing, go back and check them.


Miss Thomas’s group – Follow the instruction sheet to work through so that you can build up knowledge to help you with the tasks at the end of the lesson.  Then complete the activities and return them please.

Mrs Malone’s group

  • Review –

    • Go through speed sounds (page 4)

    • Go through the green and red word (page 5)

    • Look through the vocabulary check and find out what the sounds mean

    • Read the book faster and more fluently

  • Parents – read the sentence ‘This is his peg leg.  This is his pet hen.’  Read slowly and carefully for the children to write down.  Do not give any help.

  • Work through the sentence together looking for capital letters, full stops and spellings.

Theme - Let's go to the Arctic!

Revisit the Arctic slideshow 2 from yesterday.  We are going to look today at the difference between the summer and winter in the Arctic.  Read through the information and maybe do some research, then complete the task set.  Remember you do not have to print out the sheets you can always just do it on a piece of paper.


Time to go back to your artwork from last week.  So far you should have an arctic landscape, snow, ice, icebergs, sky.  Nothing too much.  So, this week you need to think about adding somewhere for people to live.   Go back to the pictures we have been looking at for the last two weeks.  What sort of buildings do you find in the arctic?  There are quite a few different types.  Look at the roofs.  Why are they built like that?

Also think about adding some people.  What might they be doing?  What jobs must be done when you live in the arctic?

When you’ve done that, put it aside again and we will more next week when we’ve learnt something else.

Daily Reading

Although we are not able to change your books at school every day, you do need to practice your reading skills.  Make time to do 10 minutes of reading with your adults before the end of the day.  I am sure you have plenty of books on your bookshelves.  Let me know if you read any really exciting ones that you think I might like!!