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Week Beginning 16th October 2023

This week we’ve been learning all about Autumn.  We talked about what happens in Autumn and what we might see, such as leaves changing colour and falling off the trees and changes in the weather. 

We went on an Autumn walk and found leaves that were red, yellow, orange and brown to use for some creative activities we were doing in Nursery.

Look at these beautiful Autumn trees we created! We used cotton buds for the leaves and thought carefully about the Autumn colours we wanted to use. We remembered that leaves fall off the trees in Autumn so did some on the ground too!

We have been learning the Leigh school rules – Be Ready, Be Responsible, Be Respectful.  We discussed what these words mean and how we should behave to show we understand and can follow the rules.  We are all learning to make the right behaviour choices and Miss Haslam is very proud of our behaviour at Nursery.

Here we are doing some singing and dancing!  We listened to a song called ‘We’re Going To Jump’.  We had to listen carefully and move in whatever way the song told us to!  We found hopping the trickiest but all tried our best.  Spinning was the most fun!  We tried hard not to bump in to each other or the furniture! We also sang a song called 'Wash Your Dirty Hands'. We had to listen carefully and pretend to wash different parts of our bodies!

This week we read ‘The Colour Monster’. We talked about the different feelings the Colour Monster had in the story and thought about times when we have felt these emotions.  We discussed how it’s ok to feel cross or sad sometimes and talked about what we can do when we feel like this. We also talked about how we could help our friends if they are ever feeling sad or cross.   We have a Calm Corner in our classroom that we can go to if we feel we need to calm down, reflect on our emotions or have some quiet time.

On Thursday we had an Autumn ‘Stay & Learn’ where our grown ups were allowed to come into Nursery and join in with our learning!

On Friday it rained so much that the playground flooded! We decided we wanted to be like Peppa Pig and jump in the muddy puddles so we put on our all-in-one suits and our wellies and went and did just that! It was so much fun!

Look at all the brilliant Busy Learning we've been doing this week...

Here are 2 displays we have completed recently.


We’ve all painted a picture of ourselves. We looked in a mirror and thought carefully about the colour of our skin, eyes and hair.

Here is our RE display for this term.