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Monday 22nd February

Monday 22nd February

Good Morning Year 2.  I hope you all had a good half term holiday and are ready and raring to go for a new week of learning?

Today we have Maths, English, Science, computing and music. 

Please send in Maths, English and Science to year2@leigh.covmat.org



Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org

Mrs Bennett’s group

Please see you emails for the explanation link to today’s maths.

Chapter 9 Lesson 1

LO: To be able to solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers within 100.

Text Book


To start the lesson, look at the In Focus task and read the problem. How might you solve it? As the numbers are getting bigger it might be a good idea to use repeated subtraction or addition facts to solve it.

We could solve the problem by making the problem simpler. It is possible to work out how many marbles Amira has given away to her two friends by finding out how many marbles she has left. Breaking down the problem into simpler parts also helps solve problems, the answer from part (a) can help answer for part (b). Drawing a picture might also be helpful. Have a go at drawing a part-whole model for this problem

Discuss question 2 in Let's Learn; it is a question with 2 parts. Have a look at the word problem and use the information given to fill in the blanks in the bar model. Remember to try and explain your thinking before deciding which operation to use to find the answers.

During Guided Practice, have a go at creating bar models, if possible use paper strips of various colours, to help understand the problem before trying to solve it.

Work book – your turn! Send in this work. 

Have a go at solving the words problem. Use a bar model to help you. Remember to show your working out.  Answers straight onto paper is ok, remember to number your questions if you do this.   


****EDIT ****

Sincere apologies for those who have already completed the maths. This is the  correct maths work for today.  

Mrs Malone’s group

LO: To be able to recognise 4 common 3D shapes.


To start, look at the In Focus task.  Look at the picture, what shapes can you see? Can you see 2D and 3D shapes? Search around your house, can you find any 2D or 3D shapes? 

Next look at the work book activity.  Please send this work in.

Using a ruler, match the words and pictures correctly and then colour the correct shape the correct colour.  There is no need to print off the sheets.  These can be edited on-line and saved.  Your saved copy can then be emailed to the class email. 


Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org

Unit 5 Lesson 14

LO: develop awareness of writing styles and the audience or reader.

LO: to explore different forms of invitations as a model for their own writing.

LO: proofread work and make changes to improve the accuracy of writing.

Read today’s lesson instructions.  Follow the PowerPoint. 


Mrs Malone’s group


Look at the set 3 sounds and recap all the other sounds that you know.  Then complete the writing about the green dog! Again, there is no need to print the sheet off.  This writing can be completed on a piece of paper.  This is also chance to practice your handwriting. 


It is a new term so it is a new topic called We are Photographers.


We are going to learn how to take better photographs!  Look at the PowerPoint for the information and you can also watch the link to the video (sent to email addresses) for more of a detailed explanation.


LO: To be able to identify, describe and classify a variety of ocean animals. 


Today is the first lesson of another new topic called Ocean Animals. 


I would like you to read through the slides and answer/discuss the questions being asked.  After you have looked at the slides complete the set work, which is to match the riddles with the correct sea creature. 

If you can, print out the sheet then cut out the cards and match together with the correct description of the correct sea creature. 

If you aren’t able to print out, pick and draw 3 animals and write the correct description next to your drawing.  Don’t forget to label your animal!

Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org


Watch, listen and follow Ms Glover’s lesson.