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Welcome to week 5 of our home learning! You are doing so well, please keep up the good work. Remember to email the tasks highlighted in red. Always try your best, we are so proud of you 😊


Yellow group-Practice writing the sound ’t’, check you have written it the right way round.  Think of 3 words with the ‘t’ sound in e.g. tig, tug. Write these words using your Fred-fingers to help you sound each out- t-i-g - tig. Read the words below-look out for any alien words! Use the link below to practise saying all set 1 sounds.







Green group- practice writing the sound ’z’.  Think of a word with the z sound in e.g. zip, quiz. Write a sentence using your word e.g. ‘The zip is long’.  Use your Fred-fingers to help you sound out your words and make sure you have a finger space between each word. Read the words below-look out for any alien words! Use the link below to practise saying all set 1 & 2 sounds.








Addition. Today we are adding two sets together. Open the PDF below to see some pictures. Answer the questions on each slide. To help, you could use objects to handle and count, such as Lego bricks, pasta shells or coins. These objects can represent the pictures on screen e.g. 3 brown dogs represented by 3 coins and 4 black dogs represented by 4 buttons. You can then physically count the items to find your answer. SEND IN


I like to run, but I  cannot run very long distances, I would love to be able to run a marathon. To improve my running, I try to add a few extra minutes to each of my runs. Is there something you would like to be better at doing? What could you do to improve the skills you already have? Write a sentence or draw a picture to show me. SEND IN


Try out the two PE challenges below-


Sofa/Bench Workout

Slowly sit down on the sofa, then jump up off the sofa 3 times have a rest and repeat.

Feet on floor, hands on sofa, keeping back flat (front support position) bend and straighten arms (press up) make sure your tummy does not drop! 3 times have a rest and repeat.

Hands on sofa and pretend you are running up a building like Spiderman. Try and get your knees close to your chest when running and keep your arms straight. Can you run 20 times without stopping?

Balances-Let’s get creative!

Stand like a flamingo, hold for 3 seconds 

Balance on tip toes for 5 seconds

Balance on your stomach, like superman ·

Balance on your back

Balance on two hands, one foot

Balance on two hands, two feet

Balance on one hand, two feet

Balance on your bottom