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Please send in your Maths, Reading and Book Review today



LO: to subtract fractions and mixed number fractions


I have made a video about how to find common denominators and sent the You Tube link to your parents/carers on Marvellous Me.  Have a look at this if you are still unsure or just need a refresher.  In the video I have included a new method for finding common denominators.


In today’s lesson is a continuation of yesterday’s lesson where you learnt how to subtract fractions with  different denominators.  Use the methods you learnt yesterday to support your learning today. You will see the two different methods they have used – one is subtractions, the other is counting on.  Please try the In Focus question.  You might find it easier to explain once you have looked through the Let’s Learn examples. As usual, I’ve left the answers for you in Guided Practice.  Make sure that you are working through the questions and understanding how to work them out – don’t just look at the answers.  This won’t help you when you come to completing the two worksheets.   Don’t forget your answers need to be in the simplest form – remember that the first way to do this is look to see if they are equal (then you can half the numerator and denominator until you can’t half it anymore).  If they are a mixed of odd and even try dividing by 3, 5, 7 etc (whatever operation you do to the denominator you do to the numerator).   Don’t forget to have a go at the challenge.  Please send in your work today.


LO: to write a persuasive letter


In today’s lesson Mr Brown will be modelling to you how to write a formal persuasive letter.  After you have watched the video, you will need to follow Mr Brown’s ideas and structure and have a go at writing your own persuasive letter about making school uniform compulsory in the UK.  Complete the task at the end of the lesson of writing your own persuasive letter using the model which Mr Brown went through during the lesson.  This will support your independent letter writing tomorrow.


Trouble in Withy Wood – Chapter Four


If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you will need to catch up before starting today’s lesson.


Today, I would like you to read chapter four of Trouble in Withy Wood, cast your vote as to what will happen next and complete the quiz.  Your task today is to think of and then write down 3 questions that you would like to ask one of the main characters in the story.  Then, you will need to answer them as if you were the character.  Be as creative as you like when answering your questions!  Please send in your finished questions and answers.

READING (2nd lesson)

LO: to write a book review


Today, as an extra Reading task, I want you to write a book review based on last week’s book – Being Super.  There is a blank book review for you to complete or you can create your own based on my template if you are unable to print it out.  Please send me your completed book review.


LO: Exploring 3 beats in a bar


In this lesson, you will explore music with 3 beats in a bar. Like last week, you will need a plastic cup or beaker within the lesson. Enjoy!