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1st March

We're in the final week! We can do this! 


Please send in your maths, English and Geography work today. 


LO: To add fractions with the same denominator and record the answer in its simplest form

Today we are continuing with our chapter on fractions and building on past lessons. We have added, we have discussed what a denominator is, and we have discussed what it means by 'simplest form'. Watch the video that has been sent to your adult, and have a go yourself! 


LO: To answer questions on a text

This week, we are going to be reading the book ‘The Legend of Black Shuck'. Does the name 'Black Shuck' ring a bell? It should! This is a sequel to the story Wings which we covered earlier in lockdown! 

Today, you are going to read chapter 1 and then complete the online quiz. I will be able to see if you have done this activity!



LO: To understand the characters 

Different characters can want different things in the play. Some things they want are obvious, whereas some things they want are less clear. Today, we are going to explore what different characters want and how they get it.

Have a look at the document below, and the grid shown. This also shows how I located the evidence within the text for what Mr Lo wants.

Your task today is to work out what Lan, Kym and the judge want, and get evidence from the text to back up your thoughts. I have included the text below so you can go through it yourself to find the evidence as well as a sheet you can use to record your findings. 


LO: To be able to identify and locate countries in Europe

Today we will be looking at the different countries that make up the continent of Europe! Have a look at the slides below.

Your task today is to identify the different European countries on the sheet below. I have also attached a link to google maps, showing Europe. You may have to zoom in to see some of the smaller countries! I’d like you to label at least 20 out of the 32 countries!


High sounds

I hope you enjoyed last week’s music lesson with Ms Boyd! Today you are going to continue your journey about pitch by looking at ‘high sounds’. Enjoy!