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12th February

Please send in your maths and a fact about science today. It's the final day of this half term, and a half day at that. LETS DO THIS!

Please be aware I am in the classroom this week and therefore replies will not be immediate. 


LO: To find equivalent fractions (continued practice)

I know this is a topic that got interrupted last year due to the first lockdown. Due to this I have created videos to support you for this week. Ask your adult for a link to the video. After watching it, have a go at the problems on the worksheet. I hope the videos help you understand the work further! I also included a helpful sheet that shows equivalent fractions. If you REALLY need to have a look, it can give you some ideas!

I know this is a difficult concept to fully understand. Today goes onto bigger numbers. I have taken the feedback I have received via email and next half term we will cover this in more detail. 



LO: To write a book review

This week, we are going to be reading the book ‘The warrior princess.’ I have had some really good feedback about this book and you seem to be enjoying it. 

Today, you are going to read chapter 5 and then write a book review. If you have read all 5 chapters, this becomes an option to do online and therefore you would not have to send me a picture of it. If it is easier for you, you can instead write one out and send me a picture of it too. 

You each have your own log in which I will be sending to your adults to give to you. I will send it via marvellous me – if it doesn’t come through please email me at year4@leigh.covmat.org and I will send it to you there!

I'm aware some people are having difficulties with sending the email via fiction express. If you experience this, please email me the review. 


Amplitude of sound

Today you are going to be continuing our science module of sound to talk about amplitude today with Miss Roberts. Have a go at the initial quiz, watch the lesson, taking notes when needed and pausing when asked, and then having a go at the quiz at the end to showcase your learning! Send me an interesting fact that you have discovered thanks to this lesson!

Wellbeing Afternoon:

At school, we have decided to have Friday afternoon as a relax time. Before you do this, have a look at the past week - are there any lessons you've missed that you could finish off today.


Take some time to relax and enjoy time at home. You may want to do some colouring, jigsaws, play a game, read a book or watch a movie. Also, the children in school wanted me to say hello! We're missing seeing all of you in the classroom!


A little video may be sent your way later today! You can also have a read of any Varjak Paw chapters you have missed! I will be doing more after half term smiley I hope you have an amazing week off!