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Wednesday 03.03.21

Welcome to Wednesday’s remote learning. Please send in English and Maths work today.



Maths send in


LO: To be able to name positions, including left and right, with respect to a reference point.


Read the Let's Learn section and complete the worksheet.



When you have finished the worksheet, why not challenge yourself? There are 3 levels:

* easiest

** a bit harder

*** hardest




Today's sound is a_e make a cake.



 I have also ticked the extra read the red words sections too. If you have time you could have a go at any of the other set 3 lessons,  as they will all help you to improve your phonics.





Englishsend in


LO: To be able to sequence events in a story.


Re-read the story and segment the story into its main events. You will be challenged to choose between two events in the story to determine which came first and discuss how you know this. You will picture prompts and sentences to sequence events in the story in order.



Art and Design


Make a Character Challenge


This lesson is in preparation for World Book Day tomorrow.


Task: Decorate an item at home as a book character. Choose any item you like: paper plate, potato, pebble, wooden spoon, shoebox, lolly stick. Here are a couple of ideas as inspiration:




Supertato                    Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, The wolf





LO: To be able to locate Asia on a world map and explore the features and characteristics of China.


Read the slides and complete the worksheet.


Task: Cut out the pictures and words on worksheet 2A. Now match each of the pictures to the correct label. When finished, arrange on a separate sheet of paper to create a collage of the features of China.



Get out your Travel Map sheets from lesson 1. Today Buddy travelled to China. Can you find that on the map? Children to mark China on the map and draw the Chinese flag on the marker.







Here are some RWI books to read with your child.  Please choose the level appropriate for your child and read parts of the book over a number of days.


When you read the book make sure that you read the How to read this book advice which appears at the beginning of every book. It is important that your child can read the speed sounds and understand and decode the vocabulary before reading the book. I have included the vocabulary cards that we use in school to help your child read the words.  Don't forget to ask them the comprehension questions too, so that you know they have understood what they have read.