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Monday 25.01.21

Welcome to Monday's learning.


Please send in Maths and Science today.


I will be sending a story link on Marvellous Me today.




Y1 Remote Learning Timetable Week Commencing 25.01.21



Maths 25.01.21


L0:To be able to recognise four basic 3-D solid shapes: spheres, cubes, cuboids and pyramids.


Read the Let's Learn section to help you to understand the lesson. 


Task: Complete the worksheet  send in




Phonics 25.01.21


Today's sound is ire


Here is the link for the Read Write Inc website: 



We are on now on RWI Set 3 and so you will need to follow this link every day for the daily phonics session which is available from 9.30 am.  Each day the phonics session comprises of two separate videos. There is a speed sounds lesson video and a spelling lesson video. You need to complete both sections.  I  have used a screenshot to clarify this.




Now have a go at reading the ire nonsense words below


ire nonsense words




English 25.01.21


LO: To retell a traditional tale.


In today’s lesson, you will listen to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You will retell the story using props or a storytelling pathway and be encouraged to use repeated refrains from the tale. Now follow the slides.


Task: Use the story map or create your own story map with props from home to orally retell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Try to use the language of the story when you retell it, for example, Once Upon a time


Plenary (Slides 14-17)  Show the children the story on the slides. The story has got a bit muddled. Which elements have been changed? Can you put your hands on their heads every time you spot an element of the story that has changed?








Science 25.01.21



What are the parts of trees and plants called?

In this lesson, we will be identifying the different parts of trees and flowers. We will be learning about the functions of the different parts of the trees and flowers and how they help the plant to grow.


In today’s lesson we will be looking at:




Now follow the link




Task: Complete the worksheet and send in.





Maintaining pulse and finding the strong beats


In this lesson, we will be learning to maintain a steady pulse, to find the strong beat in the bar and how to move to the pulse of the music.





Although we are not able to change your books at school every day, you do need to practice your reading skills.  Make time to do 10 minutes of reading with your adults before the end of the day. I have put a selection of reading books at different abilities for you to have a go at reading over the course of the week. Try to answer the comprehension questions with an adult, so that they know you have understood the book. You can of course read a book of your own choice.