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Day 9


Our final lesson on word problems today - I have been very impressed with the bar models you have been sending me, you clearly understand how to use them! There is a worksheet to be completed after you have watched the lesson.


Please read for 10 minutes one of your reading books you have at home with you. If you have already read your reading books, I have created an account on oxford owl (link below) for you to have access to free ebooks. Just follow the link, click 'my class login' and enter the following details.


Username: misshinton

Passwork: Book1234

Once logged in, you can search for books based on their reading levels by searching 'levels' and then 'book bands'. If you can't remember your reading level, please drop me an email.


Please look up the MEANING OF WORDS. Are there any words you are unsure what they mean? Look them up using a dictionary (or the internet!) and then try and use those words within your own oral sentence.


This week has been heavily based on our use of suffixes, but thats because using suffixes can make our writing so much more interesting! This is especially important within poetry. Today, we will be looking at the suffix -ial.


Please complete the following handwriting sheet which is made up of 10 of the expected words for the end of the year.


This week in PSHE we are looking at celebrating the things that make us different.

What makes you different to others in the class? What makes you the same as others? Does it matter that things about you are different to others.


The things that make you different are the things that make you special - why do you think that is?

Please write a short paragraph telling me what makes you different and why this makes you special.


I got a lot of brilliant feedback about working out with Joe Wicks. Below is another of his videos (he appears on the screen in the 4th minute).