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3rd March

We're in the final week! We can do this! Have a look at the world book day activity below! Maybe you could try and tick some of them off while reading today? 

Also, our class currently has created the most 'what makes us happy' posters so far! Let's keep that lead - remember you can send in your poster via email or drop it into school!


Please send in your maths, English and art work today. 

World Book Day

World book day is Thursday, so remember to continue to try and cross off those stars from yesterdays sheet!

I have also sent a link via email to nursery and reception acting out a picture book for you!

At 10:30 there is a live show entitled 'books that make you lol' which is specially for years 3 and 4. 



LO: To be able to subtract a fraction from a mixed number

Well done for all your hard work over this week! If you didn't watch yesterdays video I'd recommend going and watching that first as this is a continuation from that. I have sent another link out for today - I know you can give this your best shot!


LO: To work out characteristics

What if the judge had taken the bribe from Mr Lo? What would the story be like then?

I have found a traditional tale that has very similar themes to the one we have been reading. It is all about greedy people who don’t tell the truth. I think this would make a great basis for a play where a character must explain their actions, just like we pretended to have Mr Lo on trial yesterday!

This traditional tale is called ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ – as you read it, look for moments where characters are being greedy, dishonest, telling riddles or uncovering the truth!

We are eventually going to write a playscript where we put Rumpelstiltskin on trial for his actions. To do this, we first need to build up our knowledge of all of the characters. Your task today is to come up with 5 ADJECTIVES and 5 ADVERBS that you could use to describe each of the characters – the king, the princess, Rumpelstiltskin and the princess’ father. 

Remember, adjectives describe the character, where as adverbs describe how the characters do things, like talk and move. You can present this however you like, as long as I get 5 adjectives and 5 adverbs for each character.

Multiplication practice

Towards the end of this year, you will be facing a small test, known as a multiplication tables, check. This has only been issued by the government within the last few years. Some of you may hear the word test and begin to panic, and I understand that. I have found a game online that replicates the test exactly, however you can edit this game to include whichever times tables you feel comfortable with. Follow the link below and have a go. Please stick to 6 seconds per question. Any questions about this, please don’t be afraid to message me about.


LO: To be able to design a set for a particular pantomime scene

Today we are going to be continuing to learn about the pantomime, and today we will be researching sets for different stories. Have a look at the slides below!

Your task today will be to design a set for a pantomime. Attached below are some options for different sets you could do for different pantomimes and a sheet to do it on. Good luck!