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Next week's DT lesson is to design and build your own bridge which can hold a weight of 400g (about the weight of a tin of beans).  Please have a think about what materials you would like to use to build your bridge.  You might like to consider lego, knex, meccano, building blocks, recycle materials, newspapers etc.  The choice is yours - but think ahead so you don't panic on Wednesday when you realise you need to build a bridge and you don't have anything to use!!  Sending photos of your bridge will be one of the pieces of work you need to send in that day.


Please send in Maths, English and SPaG today.



LO: to multiply mixed numbers by whole numbers


Today’s lesson is continuing with multiplication of fractions.  The only difference today is that you are looking at word problems and calculating the answers.  You will need to use the skills you have been learning this week to complete the work.  Watch my video lesson again if you need a reminder.  You need to complete the In Focus question today, and then as always work your way competently through the lesson making sure that you have solid understanding of how to multiply fractions.  You will need to convert your answers as they will be improper and your answers should be as mixed fractions.  Answer the workbook questions and then have a go at the challenge.  If you are unsure as to one method but are able to confidently complete the questions using your preferred method that is okay.   Please email me your work today.


LO: to write an inquisitive piece of work


For today’s English lesson I want you to imagine you are taking Eric on a day out.  Think about how Eric is new to our ‘world’ and hasn’t experienced the things we take for granted.  Where would you take him?  Perhaps the zoo, Buckingham Palace, on a picnic in the park, to the airport to watch planes, a visit to the seaside.  The choice is yours.  Use the story board as a plan and then write your story in paragraphs using your storyboard for support.  When you are writing think about the probing inquisitive questions Eric would be asking.  For example, if you took him to the zoo he might be asking “What are these strange creatures?”  Why can’t they run around where they want to like we can?”  “Can I jump on the back of the orange thing and have a ride?” 


Make your work as imaginative as possible – be extreme!  Afterall, Shaun Tan is in his stories!  Please email me your work today.


The Curious Case of Dr Salamander – Chapter Four


If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you will need to catch up before starting today’s lesson.

Today, I would like you to read chapter four of The Curious Case of Dr Salamander, cast your vote as to what will happen next and complete the quiz.  Your task today is to predict what is going to happen in the final chapter story (reading domain 2e: predict what might happen from details stated and implied).


There is a link for the pre-printed sheet if you would like to use it.


LO: to use inverted commas


Today’s lesson is a recap of using inverted commas.  Please look through the information sheet and then I would like you to write a paragraph of dialogue related to our English book, Eric.  I could be a conversation between you and friend telling them about your foreign exchange student Eric or you could write a conversation you are having with Eric explaining what you do at school. Please be creative when writing your dialogue – the choice of conversation is yours!  Please send your work to me.


LO: exploring 6 beats in a bar


Today’s music lesson is continuing learning about beats in a bar and today you will be exploring songs and rhymes with 6 beats in their bar.  When I was little, I use to sing some of these songs, so they must be old!!  Have a fun lesson – there’s lots of singing today!