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Tuesday 19.01.21


Welcome to today's learning. There are just two pieces of work to (send in) here below for you:


Maths Task: Write 5 pairs of numbers that total 20 and the corresponding part-whole model. (send in)


For example

English Task: To retell the first part of the story. (send in)



Today's sound is ow


Here is the link for the Read Write Inc website: 



We are on now on RWI Set 3 and so you will need to follow this link every day for the daily phonics session which is available from 9.30 am.  Each day the phonics session comprises of two separate videos. There is a speed sounds lesson video and a spelling lesson video. You need to complete both sections.  I  have used a screenshot to clarify this.



Maths 19.01.21


Today we are having another practical session.


LO: To make number bonds to 20 using ten frames


First, follow the slides


Task: Write 5 pairs of numbers that total 20 and the corresponding part-whole model. (send in) For example 12+8=20       


Maths Slides 19.01.21

English 19.01.21


LO: To retell a story (send in)


In today's lesson, we are going to write the introduction and build up sections of The Magic Paintbrush. Using the story map that you drew last week, you will be writing the introduction and first section of the story. These sections must include:



Use a story opener like Once Upon a time

Introduce the main characters

Introduce the story setting



Develop the characters and setting.

Talk about what happened in Ma Liang’s dream


I have included an annotated story map with the sections you are writing about today and an example of the two sections to help you. I have also included a RWI sound mat to help you.

PE 19.01.21


This week we are going to do a sofa bench workout and then have a go at one of my favourites on Go Noodle called Banana, Banana Meatball or choose your own dance on Go Noodle.


Sofa/Bench Workout


  • Slowly sit down on the sofa, then jump up off the sofa 3 times. Have a rest and repeat
  • Feet on floor, hands on sofa, keeping back flat (front support position) bend and straighten arms (press up). Make sure your tummy does not drop! Do this 3 times, have a rest and repeat
  • Hands on sofa and pretend you are running up a building like Spiderman. Try and get your knees close to your chest when running and keep your arms straight. Can you run 20 times without stopping?


Now, have a look at some Go Noodle on YouTube


One of my favourites is Banana, Banana Meatball.





PSHE 19.01.21


We are continuing with our topic of Dreams and Goals. 


Mrs Entwhistle would like you to think about a time when you found something really tricky to do but when you persevered you were able to do that tricky something


You can either print off the sheet or write this onto a sheet of paper.

PSHE Resources 19.01.21