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24th February

Please send in your maths, English and art work today. 

Please be aware I am in the classroom this week and therefore replies will not be immediate. 


LO: To simplify improper fractions

In class yesterday, one of the children turned to me and asked, "Miss, do fractions always have a smaller number as the numerator?". 

I responded saying, "No, sometimes they have a bigger number on top, this is an improper fraction, but you'll find out more about that later this week!"

Well the time has come! I have sent a video to your adults to support you with todays lesson! I know you can continue to rock out these fractions! 


LO: To answer questions on a text

This week, we are going to be reading the book ‘Pants on fire’

Today, you are going to read chapter 3 and then complete the online quiz. I will be able to see if you have done this activity!

This book is making us all laugh out loud in the classroom - I hope you're enjoying it too! 


LO: To describe a character from someone’s perspective

Today, let’s discuss how a playscript works. Have a look at the file underneath, as this explains parts of a playscript. This goes through how different sections helped the actors, as well as key terminology relating to play scripts.

Have a look through the play after, trying to find the features of the playscript.

What do you think about the greedy merchant, Mr Lo? We’re going to do an activity we had a go at last term. You are going to fill out the body outline below. Inside the body, use words you think Mr Lo would use to describe himself. On the outside use words that you think the other characters would use to describe Mr Lo!


LO: To explain design features of a pantomime

This term, we are going to be continuing to look at an important aspect of British history: the pantomime! Have you ever been to a pantomime? What story was it based on?

Have a look through the slides below. Focus on the words used for different aspects of the pantomime.

Next, watch this video of a showreel.

Your task today is to write a sentence to describe the DAME, the HERO, the BADDY and who you think is part of the LOVE STORY. I should be able to tell which character you are referring to based on your sentence!

Multiplication practice

Towards the end of this year, you will be facing a small test, known as a multiplication tables, check. This has only been issued by the government within the last few years. Some of you may hear the word test and begin to panic, and I understand that. I have found a game online that replicates the test exactly, however you can edit this game to include whichever times tables you feel comfortable with. Follow the link below and have a go. Please stick to 6 seconds per question. Any questions about this, please don’t be afraid to message me about.