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23rd February

Please send in your maths, English and RE work today. 

Please be aware I am in the classroom this week and therefore replies will not be immediate. 


LO: To simplify mixed number fractions 

I was really impressed with all your hard work with equivalent fractions yesterday - you seemed to have a really good grasp of the concept! Today we are moving onto simplifying mixed number fractions. I have made another video to help you with this. Ask your adult for the link - I hope it helps you. I have gone through the in focus question, the guided practice and talked you through your work which is below. I KNOW you can do this! 


LO: To answer questions on a text

This week, we are going to be reading the book ‘Pants on fire’

Today, you are going to read chapter 2 and then complete the online quiz. I will be able to see if you have done this activity!

I have been very impressed with the number of you who are engaging with these books and I hear you are loving fiction express. This makes me really happy! I hope you enjoy this book.


LO: To answer questions

Have a look at the document below which tells you about some really powerful words and their definitions. The writer chose these words, but they could have chosen words that meant the same – these are called synonyms. Go through the slides and try and have a go at putting different words in the boxes.

Now we are going to listen to the whole play for the first time. First I would like you to listen to it. I have sent a YouTube link to your adults of me reading the play out to you.

After you have listened, you can read it too!

Once you have read the play, answer these questions:

  • Where does the story start?
  • Why must Lan’s family borrow money from Mr Lo?
  • How long do they need it for?
  • What happens when Lan’s family try to pay Mr Lo back?
  • Mr Lo comes to visit Lan’s family. Why is this visit so important?
  • Where is the final part of the play set? Who does the Judge decide is right?


LO: To draw the Pentecost story

This half term we will be looking at the story of Pentecost. We will be asking questions such as Is the kingdom of God a place? Who is its leader? Who is part of the kingdom of God? How can someone become part of it?

Read the story below to begin today’s RE lesson, and try and imagine the story in your head.

When the day of Pentecost came, the Apostles were all together in one place. It was ten days after Jesus had gone back to heaven. Before he had left them, He had made a promise.

"The Holy Spirit will come to you. He will give you power to tell people about me."

For ten days, the Apostles and some other followers of Jesus had stayed together, praying and waiting. But now the great day had come! Suddenly, a noise like a strong wind filled the whole house and the followers saw something that looked like flames of fire, falling on each person there. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak different languages.

At that time Jerusalem was full of Jewish visitors from all over the world. They were all surprised, because each one of them heard the Apostles speaking in his own language. They were completely amazed at this. They said, "Look! Aren't all these men that we hear speaking from Galilee?... But we hear these men telling in our own languages about the great things God has done!" But others made fun of the Apostles, saying, "They have drunk too much wine."

But Peter stood up with the eleven apostles. In a loud voice he spoke to the crowd: "Listen to me. Pay attention to what I have to say. These men are not drunk, as you think; it is only nine o'clock in the morning!"

Then Peter made a long speech, telling the crowds all about Jesus.

That day, about 3,000 people became followers of Jesus and were baptised. They spent the rest of their time in Jerusalem learning all about Jesus from the Apostles before returning home. And the Apostles continued to meet together to pray and to break bread.

Your task today is to draw a scene from this story. One part of this story that really stood out for you. I should be able to tell what part of the story it is based on your drawing!


Today in French we are going to do a little bit of revision before moving onto our new learning, which is all about carnivals!

First, try and remember what these phrases mean.

Next, go through these slides, learning all about Mardi Gras!

Finally, have a go at learning this new French song!