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Today please could you email me your Maths and English work.

Today we are celebrating sports day!


A class have recorded their favourite sport as part of a survey. Have a look at these and complete the tally with their favourite sport, remember to cross out the ones that you have done so you don’t accidentally count them twice. Then draw a bar chart to show these results, remember to label the axis. I have found a proforma in case you would like to use this to help you. Please email this piece of work to me. 


Think back to when we studied information texts and came up with our own A-Z holiday guide. As today is sports day I would like you to come up with a subheading for each letter of the alphabet all to do with sports. For example: A – Archery, B – Basketball, C – Curling

If you are up for a challenge, choose one of your subheadings and have a go at writing the information for this paragraph.

Please could you email this to me.


Please read for 10 minutes one of your reading books, this can be a school book or a book you already have at home. Remember we still have access to Oxford Owl if you would like to read any books on there.


Username: Leighclass3

Password: Book1234

If you have not yet finished watching the TV adaptation of ‘Grandpa’s Great Escape’ then please do that first this morning. I would then like you to write a paragraph explaining how this version of the story was similar and different to the book.


As we celebrate sports day today, I have found a selection of different sports day activities that you can have a go at. Choose any of the tasks below that you would like to do and have fun! This afternoon is also a chance for you to get active and sporty, have a look at the P.E section on the website to have a go some of these activities or come up with your own.


Sports day wordsearch – I know how much you all like word searches so I found one with sports day words.

Sports mindfulness colouring – Relax and put on some calm music whilst you colour and clear your mind.

Sports day medal – Design your own sports day medal, this could be a participation medal, sportsmanship or winning medal, you decide!