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Thursday 25.02.21


Welcome to Thursday’s remote learning. Please send in Maths and English today. I have sent out a video link via email to support the English lesson today.



Maths send in


LO: To subtract by crossing ten


Follow the slides and complete the diving into mastery task.


Challenge: If you feel up to it why not write your own subtraction problem crossing ten? You can draw a whole part model, ten frames and a number line to show how you have worked it out.







We are revisiting  RWI Set 3 again. Today's sound is ear hear with your ear.


I have also ticked the extra Read the Red Words sections too. If you have time you could have a go at any of the other set 3 lessons, as they will all help you to improve your phonics.

Click on the link below for the lesson.



Don't forget to have a look at some of the resources below as they will help you. Try to read the ear real and nonsense word flashcards.



English send in


I have sent out a video link via email for this lesson.


LO: To write a wanted poster


Re-read the story if you need to. Imagine that you are looking for the naughty wolf after he ran away from the woodcutter. Write a wanted poster describing the wolf, so we can find him. Remember to use your RWI sound mat, Year 1 common exception words, Little Red Riding Hood story mat and complex speed sound chart to help you. Don't forget to use a capital letter at the beginning of your sentences, finger spaces and full stops.


Name: Mr Wolf

Appearance:  Describe two things about the wolf. He has got black eyes.

His claws are long and he has got sharp teeth.

Crime: Choose one naughty thing that he did. He locked Granny in the wardrobe.

Reward:  Write an amount of money £50







LO: To be able to locate Europe on a world map and identify some of its countries and features.


Task:  Read the slides and complete the worksheet. Children to colour in the UK and France on the map of Europe, then draw two pictures to show what Buddy the Bee did in France. Then mark the UK and France on the map to use each week resource.


Challenge: If you feel up to a challenge why not look at the picture cards showing labelled pictures of aspects of French life, and a set of the Question Cards. Use the information in the pictures to answer one question at a time. When finished, write or draw a fact about France on the Around the World challenge sheet



Spelling and Grammar


LO: To make a sentence


There are two written tasks in this lesson. You could perhaps do the Make a Sentence activity sheet today and the Get it right! part tomorrow.


Introductory Activity: Linking Words

Read the information on the Lesson Presentation to introduce the children to what a sentence is. Work together to order the words and make the sentences on the following slides. Remind the children to look for the capital letter and full stop to help them.
Check children know that sentences should make sense and that they need a capital letter and full stop.



Independent Focused Activity: Making a Sentence

Children work on their own to order words and make sentences using the differentiated Making a Sentence Activity Sheets.
Check children can recognise the importance of word order when writing a sentence.



Consolidation Activity: Get it Right!

Review how to write a correct sentence with the children using the Lesson Presentation or Writing a Sentence Display Poster to help. Children then work on their own to re-write the incorrect sentences using the differentiated Get It Right Activity Sheets.
Check the sentences make sense and have a capital letter and full stop.