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As part of the World Book Day week of activities, all the different year groups/teachers have recorded a story.  Year 1 have made a video for us to watch. 

I have sent the link by email.  I hope you enjoy the story!

Today, please send in your Maths, SPaG and Art.



LO: to add and subtract amounts in pounds and pence


Today’s lesson in the next step in adding and subtracting decimals; where they have used pounds and pence to show whole and decimal numbers.  You don’t need to do the In Focus question but as always, work your way through the Maths lesson, ensuring that you fully understand the concepts before starting the workbook pages.  You will see that the method they are showing you today is using counters.  This is the same concept we used when adding and subtracting larger numbers to 100,000 where we used the counters and exchanged where necessary.  For example, if you are finding the difference between 134 and 155 you would need to exchange one ten for ten ones (as you can’t take 50 away from 30) and add them to the ones column.  We can use this method in the same way when exchanging decimals.  If you are unsure about any parts of the lesson please let me know and I will help you through it.   Please send me your completed Maths workbook and challenge to me.



For today’s reading lesson you will be creating your own wordsearch.  As it is World Book Day tomorrow, your theme of the wordsearch will be book titles and authors.  You can choose if you want to use just authors or just book titles or combine the two.  When you have finished ask someone in your home to have a go at your wordsearch.  Click on the link to open the templates for the wordsearches – there are four different levels of difficulty to choose from.  Go on challenge yourself!


LO: to identify spelling mistakes


Today’s focus is spelling.  In the first section of the worksheet the spellings which are incorrect have been highlighted for you.  Your job is to write the correct spelling of the word.  In the second part of the task, you need to read the sentence and identify the word which has been misspelt.  Highlight the word and then re-write it correctly in the space given.   These are words which you have all had in your spellings this year, so this is a recap spelling lesson.  Please send your completed sheet to me.


LO: to understand how to add detail to cityscapes using pen


In today’s Art lesson we are continuing looking at different cityscapes.  Your task today is to recreate a cityscape using different lines and patterns to create detail on the buildings.  Look through the slides (like we do in class) to make sure that you understand how pen drawing impacts the creativity of a line drawn cityscape.  Then, choose either worksheet 5B or 5C which is the Challenge sheet to complete in pen/pencil by adding different lines and details to create an interesting cityscape.   Please send your completed line drawn cityscape to me.


LO: to practise and apply knowledge of suffixes: -tion, -cian, -sion, -ssion


Today in the second spelling lesson you will be recapping the rules for adding the suffixes -tion, -cian, -sion, -ssion to a verb to create a noun.  Follow the lesson, pausing where appropriate to practise the words.  There is a short spelling test at the end of the video.