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Hello Year 5 and welcome back to the new Spring Two term!  I've recorded a little video for you to watch (I've sent the link by email).  We don't know what in store for us over the next few weeks, but I'm confident in each and every one of you that you will continue to have that wonderful positive attitude to your home learning.  Our home learning days will continue in the same way as before and I will indiciate to you which lessons you need to send me the work for.  As always, if you have any questions about the home learning please email me and I will help you with your work.


Today, please send me your Maths, English and Science work.



LO: to write decimals


This term we are starting our new unit of Maths and we are looking at decimals.  You will be learning how to write, add, subtract, round and compare decimals.  Today’s lesson will introduce decimals and you will learn how to identify the value of each decimal digit.  I have recorded a video for you.  You will need to watch this as it is the first lesson explained.  I have sent a link for the video on email.  If you need it again, just let me know.  Please send me your completed Maths workbook and challenge to me.


LO: to write a character description


In English this week we will be basing our work on another short animated film called Dreamgiver.  Please watch the short film to get a feeling of what the theme of the story is.  When you have watched the film, I would like you to watch it again, this time making notes and focusing on the Dreamgiver as your task today is to write a detailed character description of him as the main character.  Use the feedback which I gave you on your character descriptions of the rival shoemaker to develop your writing.  Remember, when creating a character description, you need to include their facial features, body language and what they are wearing.  To up-level your work include similes and metaphors (which I know some of you did when describing the rival shoemaker.  For example – His legs appeared like long spindles of bamboo which could snap at any moment.  Shiny like grey porcelain, his head turned curiously to look around the orphanage at the sleeping children.  Please send your completed character description to me.


The Vampire Quest – Chapter One


This week’s new book is The Vampire Quest – it is a Level 2 book and the picture on the front is of ghosts and a spooky house.  As usual, please read the first chapter (make sure you don’t rush through it remember I can see your reading time!), cast your vote and answer the quiz questions.  For today’s lesson, I would like you to draw a before and after picture of Vince.  You will need to use your inference skills and imagination to draw your pictures based on information from the chapter (reading domain 2d: make inferences from the text / explain and justify inferences with evidence from the text).


LO: to identify the stages in the human lifecycle


Our new Science unit is Changes and Reproduction.  We will be learning about how our bodies change throughout a human’s lifecycle.  Today’s lesson will be focusing on the different stages of our lifecycle – how we begin life as an embryo and progress through childhood to adulthood and finally old age.  Please look through the slides (like we would do in a Science lesson at school) and then I would like you to create a fact sheet about the different stages of the human lifecycle.  Use the different stages as headings to write facts about each developmental stage of our lives.  Please send me your completed fact sheet.


LO: to recognise the importance of Jesus’s sacrifices for life


Our new RE unit this half term is What did Jesus do to save human beings?  We will be looking at sacrifices Jesus made to save us.  Please click on the link to open today’s lesson and activity.