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LO: to revise fractions

Fractions is our new unit in Maths and today's lesson is a revision of Year 4 work.  Click on the link and it will take you to the National Oak Academy where there is a virtual lesson and quiz.


LO: to add similies to poetry

Today's English lesson is continuing our new unit of poetry.  Click on the link to listen to and read Last Night, I Saw the City Breathing.  Think back to Monday's lesson where we learnt about similes and listen out for any in the poem.  Remember, a simile is where you are comparing one thing with another of a different kind using the words as or like.  For example, the cars roared through the tunnel as loud as a lion.  The lamp posts were like glistening stars in the sky.


Write 5 similes of your own which could be added to the poem.


Challenge yourself by writing two metaphors which could also be added to the poem.


Email today's English work to me.


For your reading lesson, you will be completing a reading comprehension all about New Year celebrations.  When you have downloaded the link, you will see that there are three different choices marked with stars at the bottom of each page.  The more stars, the trickier the work is!!  Challenge yourself - don't be tempted to go for the easiest one!  You might see that the answer sheets are also attached - don't peek!  Wait until you have completed all the questions before you self-mark your work.


Although you have self-marked your work, please email it to me so I can see how well you have done.


LO: to research bridge structures

As part of D&T,  today you will be starting our unit on bridges.  I would like you to research the seven different bridge structures and then present your work in an interesting way, eg power point, fact file, poster etc.  There is a website link to support you with this or you could challenge yourself and find your own research. 


Please email your work to me.


Today's French lesson will be a revision of your understanding and pronunciation of the numbers 1 to 20.  Click on the link to watch the You Tube video.  Don't forget to sing along!!  Why not ask a family member to join you!


Today you are practising numerals by writing your seven times table - a bonus as you get to practise your maths too!  Click on the link to download the handwriting sheet.