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Tuesday 9th February

Good Morning Year 2.  Hope you are ready for today’s learning?

Today we have Maths, English, Computing, PE and PSHE. 

Please send in Maths, English, computing and PSHE to year2@leigh.covmat.org



Mrs Bennett’s

Chapter 8 Lesson 5

LO: To be able to read and interpret a picture graph with a scale of 1:10.

Text Book

To begin, look at the tally chart and table from In Focus and discuss how you could represent the information on a pictogram. Today we are going to use one picture for every tally. Would this work? What might be the problem? Focus on the value of each picture given. Talk about what information you can see in the graph. Finally, how could they would represent 75 books. 

During the Guided Practice section, can you think of any questions that might be asked about the pictograph?

Work Book - Your Turn – send this work in.

Work through the questions.  Remember today one picture is worth 10!

Mrs Malone’s group

Work your way through the questions and remember to send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org


Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org

Unit 5 Lesson 10

Please see your email for a link for an explanation to today's lesson. 

Mrs Bennett’s group

LO: To write a diary entry.

LO: To edit your work.

Read the instructions and follow the PowerPoint to help you. 

Mrs Malone’s group


Today's lesson is to check and recap on your speed sounds.  You also have to listen carefully to some sentences being read to you.  Can you write these sentences down, without looking.  Now check your writing.  Have you correct punctuation? 


Today is Safer Internet day so in computing we will be looking at keeping safe when on the Internet.  Watch, listen and read The Detective Digi Duck story.  Then discuss together what Wise Owl tells Digiduck to do when feeling unsure about something online.


Create a ‘Top Tips for Searching Online’ poster, using Wise Owl’s advice from the story. You could put Wise Owl’s advice into a song or poem and record this to create a video to show other family members!


Send in your work to year2@leigh.covmat.org


As it’s a Tuesday it’s PE day! Mr Ashby would like you to have a go at some front room Gymnastics!  


Click the link to see which exercises Mr Ashby would like you to do. 


You could also have a go at a cosmic kids yoga.  Perhaps these ones?  


Today is the last lesson of the Dreams and Goals topic!  Mrs Entwhistle would like you to think about all the things you have achieved in your lifetime!  Have a think of all these things that you have achieved. Draw or write your achievements onto the line, remember they need to be in time order.   If you draw, please label your drawings.  You can either print the sheet out or create your own timeline.