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The Science curriculum at Leigh Church of England Academy will ensure that all children leave our school with a love, understanding and a deep body of knowledge for Science and how this impacts on the world in which we live. We believe Science is essential to ensure we develop future generations who can contribute fully to society. 


Our curriculum is sequenced coherently so children will have the confidence and motivation to continue to further develop their skills into the next stage of their education and life experiences. Children have one-hour weekly lessons in Science throughout Key Stage 1 and 2. We ensure varied learning, excellent progression in scientific knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as appropriate challenge and where appropriate, Science lessons are linked with that year groups theme.  


Scientific enquiry skills are embedded in each topic the children study and these topics are revisited and developed throughout their time at school. Topics, such as Plants, are taught in Key Stage One and studied again in further detail throughout Key Stage Two. This model allows children to build upon their prior knowledge and increases their enthusiasm for the topics whilst embedding this procedural knowledge into the long-term memory so that children know more and remember more.  


In Science, we endeavour to provide our pupils with opportunities to ‘explore’ in their learning, encouraging them to develop enquiring minds that question the world around them and how it works. By utilising these practical opportunities, the children can contextualise a wealth of knowledge; encompassing concepts, skills and positive attitudes, ensuring that they leave us here at Leigh with the foundations for understanding the rapidly evolving world in which they live.  Whether it is bug hunting in nursery, exploring solubility or understanding the circulatory system we passionately believe in allowing children to learn though practical, engaging and exploratory lessons.                          


From year 1 through to year 6, lessons fall under different types of learning.