Leigh Church of England Academy

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School Day




Reception to Year 6 


8:45am - Registration 

9:00 am - Learning starts 


10:30am or 10.45 - Morning break is 15 minutes for KS1 & 2


11:30am - 12:20 - EYFS Lunchtime

12:00pm – 1:00pm - Ks1 & 2 Lunchtime 


1pm Afternoon Registration 


1pm – 1:20pm Daily Worship 


3:15pm – 3:30pm End of the school day 




8.30am – 11.30am Morning Session 


 Lunchtime (£5 per day) 


12.30pm – 3:15/3.30pm Afternoon Session 


Drop Off 

  • 8.30am - Nursery children and siblings - Plantshill Crescent gate.   

  • 8.45 am - KS1 and siblings – Plantshill Crescent gate. 

  • 8.45 am - KS2 – Torrington Avenue Gate.

  • 11.30am or 12.30am - Nursery - Plantshill Crescent side gate


Only Nursery parents are allowed on site in the morning and Reception parents in the Autumn term.


Pick Up 

  All families must arrive through the Plantshill Crescent gate, you can exit through both gates.

  • 11.30 am Nursery morning session pick up - Plantshill Crescent side gate 
  • 3.15pm - Nursery & KS1 with no KS2 siblings – Plantshill Crescent gate

  • 3.30pm - Nursery, KS1 with KS2 siblings & KS2 children – Plantshill Crescent gate 


Staff are available on both gates at the start and end of the day and also on the playgrounds, the main role of the staff at this time is Safeguarding and to welcome and settle the pupils. 


Bikes and scooters must not be ridden on the playground and need to walked from the gate to the storage area. 


The car park is not for parents/carers parking, please park on Torrington Avenue or Plantshill Crescent.  Alternatively, please walk when you can. Remember to  be mindful of our neighbours when parking at all times. 


If you require any adapted arrangements for drop off and pick up you must speak to a member of the senior leadership team and we will discuss these with you.