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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Take a look at our curriculum maps at the bottom of the page to find out all about our topics.

Our class blog (written by different children in the class)


In May, we designed Mayan masks and then made our own. We also had are SATs but it was not as scary as we thought. Every day, before we had our SATs, we had a little treat and played outside. We also had booster groups to prepare us. After our SATS, we cooked fajitas and they were delicious. We did our own assembly to show everything we learnt about Mexico- it was really fun.



In April people from Zoolab came to see us we got to hold different animals it was really fun. For their homework, many people cooked different food from Mexico and made temples. We read a dual narrative story from the book ‘Jaws’ and then we had a go ourselves. In maths, we did lots of solving maths questions.



In March, we started a new topic it was all about Mexico and it is called ‘Hola Mexico’. We had different thing to do all about Mexico in our homework books. We also had a World Book Day we looked at a story called ‘Owl Moon’ and dissected owl pellets. We had a Sports Relief Day and we were allowed to wear sporty clothes and did some sporty activities. We also celebrated Easter and had a special Easter Service at a St James’ Church.



In February, we had lots of fun because we had a Tudor Day and there was a man who came in to tell us about everything. He was dressed as King Henry VIII.

We also wrote some battle cry speeches. We were writing about going into battle with the Tyrannoflax. We edited them and put them into a video. We also wrote a story about the monster.

After that, we had Magistrates come into our class and we acted out a court scene. We also got told about why people get arrested and could go to jail. We were told about different crime and punishments and how severe they can get.



In January, we started to learn about the Tudors. When we were learning about the Tudors, we learnt about King Henry VIII and learnt all about his wives. Also we learnt about Tudor food, schools, their houses and their life.

We also started to learn speaking in Mandarin. It is very fun because we get to learn a new language. We also made paper cuttings (a tradition in China). We liked it because we got to know about the animals which represent each Chinese year. This year is the year of the dog.

Our school raised money for the NSPCC. We had people come in to our school to talk about the NSPCC and ChildLine. We raised lots of money for the children.

In RE, we learnt about how colours can represent emotions. That was very fun because we got to make a piece of artwork to represent an emotion. We also learnt about Hindu and Islamic art.



In December, we carried on our topic of Harry Potter. One of our favourite days was Harry Potter Day! We all came in dressed up as witches and wizards. We started off the day by doing a personality quiz and then we put the sorting hat on our heads and got sorted into our houses! We then got a wand from Ollivanders. In maths, we did a maths trail where we had to run around the hall to find the next maths question. The answers gave us clues so we could find the Philosopher's Stone. In PE, we played Quidditch which was really fun! We had to run around on our brooms and try to shoot the quaffle through the goal/hoop. We also had seekers who had to chase the snitch! The snitch was a quick runner who had to try and get away form them. We had a brilliant day!



In November, we started our topic of Harry Potter! Our classroom had been decorated with brooms, snitches, floating candles, cobwebs, spiders and brooms. When we arrived, we all had a letter to say we had been accepted into Hogwarts and a ticket for platform 9 and 3/4. In English, we started to read Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. We have also been doing some writing based on Harry Potter. We researched JK Rowling's life and wrote her biography. 

In art, we have been learning about different artists who have created portraits. We then created our own portraits in the style of Picasso, Lichtenstein and Da Vinci! 

In music, we have been learning to read music and then learnt to play the Harry Potter theme tune on a keyboard. 

In science, we have been learning all about light and how we see. We filmed our own children's TV shows to explain how our eye works and how light travels. We have also been learning all about electricity and we made a circuit to light a bulb. 

In RE, we have been learning all about incarnation and Jesus' birth. 

In cooking and nutrition lessons, we have learnt all about seasonality. We researched which fruits and vegetables were in season and we decided to cook Leek, Bacon and Potato soup. It was very tasty!

We are looking forward to Harry Potter Day and Christmas activities next month!



In October we read a book called Kensuke’s Kingdom. It had a really good ending and most people were upset that the book ended. In the book there was a boy called Michael and a dog called Stella and their family went on a round the world trip.

We learnt about extreme earth and we had a practise of what to do in a earthquakes. We had to put our hands over our heads and necks then go under the table and stay calm.

In RE we have been learning about Sikhism we learnt about the 5K’s. There is the kanga, kesh , kara , kirpan and the kachera.

In science we have been learning about how animals adapt to their environments and about inheritance and evolution. Inheritance means that you inherit a feature form your parents. We brought in pictures of our parents and then we compared them to ourselves. I got my curly hair from my grandad and my blue eyes from my dad.

In music, we listened to a body percussion video of a pretend storm but it sounded real. They used their body parts and they used a soundtrack which we thought was cheating a bit. We tired to do the same in groups and my group was called the Storm Troopers.

In art, we have been doing some paintings one of them was Hokusai's great wall and we did a drawing of tornadoes and then of a 3D hand.

We loved doing amazing experiments with Miss Conroy



In maths we have been learning about how to read and write numbers. At the start of maths we normally do arithmetic to get our brains working. We have also learned how to solve place value problems.

In English we have learnt how to write a first person account. We have been doing lots of comprehension. We have also learnt how to use different punctuation. We have written stories.

I really enjoyed it when wrote stories because we used our imagination and our own ideas. Our topic is Extreme Earth. My favourite subject this month has been maths this is because we have lots of fun.

I really enjoyed Dol-y-Moch and I'm looking forward to finding out who will be the Head Girl and Head Boy.


Miss Conroy's welcome

Welcome back for another fun and exciting year! We have many interesting topics and lots of fun things to look forward to.


PE kit: PE kit will be needed every Monday and Tuesday. Please make sure you have a plain white top, black bottoms and dark trainers. 


Homework: Topic homework will be given out half-termly. This is a list of activities to complete around our current topic. Pay close attention to the minimum amount of homework tasks you have to complete and the deadline it is due in. This is brilliant practise for when you enter Year 7. Those who hand their homework in on time and try their best will be rewarded! Weekly English/maths/science homework will be given out each Friday unless you are told otherwise. 


Spellings: Weekly spellings will be given out on Monday and tested on a Friday. 


Times tables: It is essential you know your times tables in Year 6 as this will really help you when we learn more about different areas of mathematics. The quicker you are the better! 




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