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Thursday 28.01.21

Welcome to Thursday's learning.


I will be sending a Marvellous Me message with another story link today.


Please send in Maths and English work today.



Maths 28.01.21


LO: To be able to make patterns using common 2-D shapes (send in)


Read the Let's Learn section and complete the worksheet.





Phonics 28.01.21


Today we will start revisiting Set 2 sounds. Our sound today   oo – look at a book


Here is the link for the Read Write Inc website: 




We are on now on RWI Set 2 and so you will need to follow this link every day for the daily phonics session which is available from 9.30 am.  Each day the phonics session comprises of two separate videos. There is a speed sounds lesson video and a spelling lesson video. You need to complete both sections.  I  have used a screenshot to clarify this.







English 28.01.21


LO: To write a story using a plan.


Today you will use your story plans to write your own simplified version of the Goldilocks story. You will look at different possibilities of how to write your story and use word banks to help you select the most appropriate vocabulary for your story. Follow the slides to complete the lesson. 

(send in)





Art  28.01.21


LO: To use reflections in art. 


The appearance of an image in a mirror is called a reflection. Now read through and talk about the slides.


Task: To draw the reflections of the shapes





You can either read a book of your choice or have a look at the quick reads I have posted below. Choose a level to suit your child.