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Day 7


As we our working on our 4's this week, please have a go at writing them out and reciting them. Try and recite them without looking at the numbers! Remember, you can still use your fingers to keep track of which times table you are on!

We are also going to continue practing word problems - today you are going to use bar models to represent word problems! This is something we have covered in class, so by the end of this lesson you should be absolute pros! Please then complete the attatched worksheet and send it to me.


Please read for 10 minutes one of your reading books you have at home with you. If you have already read your reading books, I have created an account on oxford owl (link below) for you to have access to free ebooks. Just follow the link, click 'my class login' and enter the following details.


Username: misshinton

Passwork: Book1234

Once logged in, you can search for books based on their reading levels by searching 'levels' and then 'book bands'. If you can't remember your reading level, please drop me an email.


Please PREDICT what could happen next in this story. Remember, to make a prediction, we don't read on a head! We think about whats happened so far and PREDICT what will happen next. Do you remember how to start your prediction?


Please practice writing these year 3 and 4 key words in your neatest joined up handwriting.


In class, we had been working towards performing a poem. This is something that we are going to have a go at today! Please watch the attatched video and have a go at performing the poem.

If possible, please record the children doing so and send this to me. If this is not possible, please give me feedback on how they performed!


Last week we began looking at maps, why we use them, and information we can gather from them. I got some really positive feedback of informatio you never know maps could show you.

This week, we will continue with these lessons, now taking a close look at sketching your own maps of roads within your local community. Please let me know what you get on the final quiz!


In RE this half term we have been answering the question 'what is the Holy Trinity?'

We only managed to do one lessons on this before our isolation began, so please watch the following video and complete the quiz to see how much knowledge you've retained!