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Monday 22.02.21

Welcome to this week’s home learning. Please send in Maths and English today.


I will be sending out a Little Red Riding Hood story video this morning via Marvellous Me.



Maths send in


LO: To be able to arrange numbers up to 20 in ascending and descending order.


Work through the slides with your child.


Task: Use the number cards from 1-20 provided or quickly make your own.


Differentiation: If 1-20 is too difficult, try this activity with 1-10 first.

If ordering 4 numbers is too difficult, order 3 numbers instead.


Use the number line to help you


Smallest to the Largest


Shuffle the number cards from 0-20. Now choose 4 cards. Order from the smallest to the largest. Shuffle the cards and do this again another 3 times.


Largest to the Smallest


Shuffle the number cards from 0-20. Now choose 4 cards. Order from the smallest to the largest. Shuffle the cards and do again another 3 times. Use a number line to help you. If this is too difficult, choose 3 cards instead.




If you feel up to it, have a go at the challenge. Read the slides and complete the challenge. 

* easiest

** a bit harder

*** hardest





We are revisiting  RWI Set 3 again. Today's sound is oa goat in a boat.

I have also ticked the extra read the red words sections too. If you have time you could have a go at any of the other set 3 lessons, as they will all help you to improve your phonics.



Here is the link for the Read Write Inc website: 



Now have a look and read the oa words in the resources below.




English send in


LO: To order the events in a story


Read the story of  Little Red Riding Hood or play the video link from Marvellous Me.


Think about where is the story set? Who are the main characters? What do the characters say?


For example, start with Once upon a time there was... 

One day, she went for a walk in the forest.

Finishing with  In the end, they all lived happily ever after.

Use the sentence opener cards to help to retell the story. 


Task:  Order the pictures and talk through the vocabulary of the story with an adult. If you do not have a printer, draw a story map. Remember the drawings do not have to be perfect, it's just for you to retell the story in your own words.






LO: To be able to identify and name a variety of common animals.

Children will identify, name and describe a variety of common animals kept as pets.


Read the slides and complete the task.


Task: Children to read the clue for each pet and draw a picture of it.






Instruments of the orchestra: The families

In this lesson, we will be learning about all the different families and instruments of the orchestra and learn what they sound like through listening activities.


Follow the link below






It is important to read for at least 10 minutes per day with your child.  I have included a selection of reading books. Please choose the level appropriate for your child. Don't forget to do the Questions to chat about and Questions to read and answer at the end of the book. Alternatively, you can of course read a book from home.