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Wednesday 13th


Miss Thomas’s group – today you will need to use lots of different areas of maths to help you solve the answers.  You are going to by multiplying (times tables) and the knowledge you have been gaining from the lessons about height and length over the last few days.

Mrs Malone’s group – Please complete the end of chapter review.  This is using all the knowledge that you have learned.  Please try and complete the sums on your own.  An adult may read the question to you.


Miss Thomas’s group – Open up the ‘Miss Thomas’s English group – learn’.  This has the learning part of the lesson in it, plus the instructions on how to complete the exercise.  The work is in document called ‘The Beast – Fact File’.

Mrs Malone’s group - You are going to be using the green book called 'Black Hat Bob’ for the rest of the week.  Today I would like you to...

  • Go through speed sounds (page 4)

  • Go through the green and red word (page 5)

  • Look through the vocabulary check and find out what the sounds mean

  • Read the book

It may not seem like a lot of work, but you know that Mrs Malone gets you to practice your sounds and words over and over again to make sure you are really confident.  There is no written work for you today, so spend this time becoming really confident with the book.  See how many people you can read it to today. 


Let’s go to the Arctic – Exploring the climate in the arctic.

Work your way through the slide show as you did last week.

Talk through any of the questions with you adults.

Activity –

Open up the document called ‘Arctic 2 activity’.  You can print this out and write in the answers or you can type the answers into the spaces that have words missing.  All the missing words that you need are at the bottom of the page.  Can you work out which one goes in which sentence?  You can only use each one once.  Can I suggest that once you have used a word you put a little tick by it, so you don’t use it again.

Grammar work

Conjunctions – we have used this word many times in all our lessons in Year 2.  A conjunction is a word that joins up two simple sentences to make one longer, more exciting one.

Have a go at the first activity – ‘Conjunctions – everyone’.

If you found that too easy and want to prove how brilliant you are, then have a go at the harder sheet – ‘Conjunctions – extension’.  Bet you can’t do it!!

Daily Reading

Although we are not able to change your books at school every day, you do need to practice your reading skills.  Make time to do 10 minutes of reading with your adults before the end of the day.  I am sure you have plenty of books on your bookshelves.  Let me know if you read any really exciting ones that you think I might like!!