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Please send in Maths and English/Spelling today.



Being Super – Chapter Two


I looked on the Fiction Express website and noticed that there are still some children who have not read Chapter One.  Please ensure that you read Chapter One and complete the quiz before you start today's reading.  Email me at year5.leigh.covmat.org if you need a reminder of the username and password.


Today, I would like you to read Chapter Two of Being Super, cast your vote as to what will happen next, complete the quiz and then complete the following tasks: (reading domain 2b: retrieve and record information / identify key details from fiction and non-fiction)

1)  Make a list of all the ways Gabe manages to ‘evade and intimidate’ his pursuers in chapter 2. Make sure each way is written as a proper sentence.


2)  Write your own description of a dramatic escape using three short sentences.


I have attached a link with a pre-printed sheet if this is easier for you.


LO: to make number pairs with fractions


In Maths today you will be learning how to make number pairs with fractions – this is the same as finding equivalent fractions.  You don’t have to do the In Focus question today, but as previous lessons please take your time in going through the Let’s Learn so you have a solid understanding.  Remember, when you are finding equivalent fractions you need to find a common multiple to make both denominators the same.  As usual, I’ve left the answers for you in Guided Practice.  Make sure that you are working through the questions and understanding how to work them out – don’t just look at the answers.  This won’t help you when you come to completing the two worksheets.  Draw your own bar models to help you answer the questions if you are struggling.   Don’t forget to have a go at the challenge.  Please email your Maths work to me today.


LO: to investigate suffixes -ant and -ent


Today’s lesson on persuasive writing is focusing on spelling specifically adding the suffixes ‘ant’ and ‘ent’.  As with all our English lessons you will need to participate and make notes where the teacher asks you to.  You can make notes of your own too.  These will then build throughout the two weeks to enable you to complete your final independent piece of writing.  Write each of the spellings you have learnt today in a full sentence and then email me your spelling work.


Mr Ashby’s PE lesson today is all about creative ways to learn how to balance in gymnastics.


Balances – Let’s get creative!


  • Stand on one leg, hold for 5 seconds
  • Balance on tip toes for 5 seconds
  • Balance on your stomach
  • Balance on your back
  • Balance on two hands, one foot
  • Balance on two hands, two feet
  • Balance on one hand, two feet
  • Balance on your bottom
  • Arabesque hold


Have fun and be creative with your balances! 


Dreams & Goals


PSHE today is thinking about something which we have achieved, but along the way we found tricky.  Often, the successes we are most proud of are the ones which we have really had to work hard at to get there.  To help you with this, think about something that you are most proud of.  How did you achieve this?  Who helped you?  It might be related to our new lockdown learning, securing a place in a sports team, having success in a dancing examination, learning a new skill etc.  There is a link to the worksheet, which you would have completed in Mrs Entwistle’s PSHE lesson.