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14th January

Maths (send in)

LO: To multiply 3-digit numbers with renaming

In math today, we are going to be multiply 3-digit numbers with renaming. This is building on past lessons, so please have a look at those beforehand if you didn't do them!

Have a look at the in-focus question. How do you think you could work it out? As you would usually do this in your pairs, see if you can talk to an adult or an older sibling about your thoughts. Use the empty box to explain your thoughts.

Next, have a look at the guided practice. Can you work out how those answers were gained? Have a go at working them out yourselves to see if your method is correct.

Finally, have a go at the worksheet provided - it is 2 sheets, the minimum expectation is one sheet, but just like in class, try and have a go at the second one too!


LO: To answer questions

This week, we are going to be reading the book ‘The curious case of Dr Salamander’.

Today, you are going to read chapter 4 and then complete the online quiz. I will be able to see if you have done this activity!

You each have your own log in which I will be sending to your adults to give to you. I will send it via marvellous me – if it doesn’t come through please email me at year4@leigh.covmat.org and I will send it to you there!

Note: I can also see how much time the children spend on each chapter reading. There have been some cases of children spending less than a minute on a chapter. Please ensure this is not happening. 

SPAG (send in)

Today, we are going to be working on writing paragraphs! We have already done some work on paragraphs and today I went to check your knowledge.

Do you remember how many sentences and lines you would need to write a paragraph?


If you said at least 4 of each you are correct.

Each paragraph should be revolving around a different thing. Have a look at my example I have included below. Each paragraph revolves around a different character in the book Varjak Paw.

Your task today is to write 3 paragraphs, each about a different thing/person, and it must be at least 4 sentences and 4 lines long. Send it to me once you have finished it!

PSHE (send in)

Work set by Mrs Enwistle:


This week you need to think about what you would like to do when you are older. Complete the worksheet below. 


Work set by Mr Ashby:


Bean game

Grown up says a bean and participant must do the action for that bean.

Jumping bean = jumping on the spot

String bean = stand and stretch tall

Broad bean = make a star shape

Runner bean = run on spot

French bean = say “ooh la la”.

Jelly bean = wobble like jelly

Beans on toast = lying down on floor

Baked bean = curl up in a tuck position

Mexican bean = say “Arriba”.


KS2 Challenge – can you run on the spot without stopping for 2 minutes?