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Week Beginning 18th September 2023

We are continuing to settle into Nursery life and are getting used to the rules and routines in our inside and outside environment. 


When the teacher rings the bells we know we have to stop what we are doing, put down any toys, listen to the teacher and show the ‘Stop Signal’.

We are learning the carpet rules – crossed legs, eyes looking, ears listening, lips closed

Each day we ‘self-register’.  We find our name and put it in the basket so Miss Haslam knows we’re here.  We’re getting really good at recognising our names.  Then at carpet time we count how many names are in the basket to find out how many children are at Nursery!  We’re super at counting!

We're all great at tidying up! As well as tidying up at the end of a session, we're learning to put things away when we're finished with them, before we go and play with something else. We know it's important to look after the toys in Nursery and keep our classroom tidy so things don't get broken or lost.  We understand it's our responsibility to tidy up and we work as a team to do it!

Twice a day, Miss Haslam sets up the snack table and we can choose when we go and have it. We know we must wash our hands before we have snack, then we help ourselves to one piece of fruit and either milk or water to drink. We are so independent at doing this! Then when we have finished, we put our rubbish in the bin and make sure the table is left clean and tidy. 


We had a great afternoon on Tuesday with Mrs Entwistle for PSHE and Mr Mansosa for PE!

This week we were ‘tidy police’ with Mrs Entwistle and learnt how to tidy up and why it is important we keep our Nursery tidy. 

Then we went to the Hall with Mr Mansosa for P.E.  This term we are doing gymnastics.


We played a circle game to help us learn each other's names. We had to roll the ball to someone and say their name. We really enjoyed this game and by the end of it we all remembered each other's names!


We’ve all painted a picture of ourselves. We looked in a mirror and thought carefully about the colour of our skin, eyes and hair.  When they are all finished, Miss Haslam is going to display them and will take a picture so you can see our brilliant self-portraits!


Thank you to everyone who has sent in family photos! Here they are displayed in our 'Home Corner'! We love looking at them and telling our friends all about our families.


We have been doing some super learning at 'Busy Learning time'. We love exploring the different activities and are using all the areas and resources in the classroom independently. Take a look at some of the Busy Learning we have been up to this week...