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Friday 12th February

Story time – check out your email for the code for chapter 22

A nice easy day today. 

You only have to return your English work.


Miss Thomas’s group – Rather than starting a new chapter on the last day of the half term, I thought we would do some fun maths today.  Here are some maths websites that you might like to explore.

Mrs Malone’s group – Complete the maths review


Miss Thomas’s group – Follow the English learning and instructions and then complete the task.  If you do not want to print out the sheet, you can write the rules and tips in the correct order on another sheet of paper.  OR because I have left the sheet as a word document you can move the sentences around by cutting and pasting and putting them in the right order that way. Then you can just email back the sheet.  Your choice!

Mrs Malone’s group – follow the instructions and complete the tasks

Catch up Afternoon

This is a little bit of breathing space for you to have a go at some of the activities that you might have missed during the week.

If you have had a really great week and have completed everything already, then I am really proud of you.  Keep it up!

Take this time to do something that you want to do. if you do want to do something that is linked to school, you can do your daily reading or go on Times Table Rock Stars. 

Have a great half term holiday!!