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First week (well 3 days) done!  I know it's a different style of learning and can be tricky but well done to all of you who are completing the work.  It's been really lovely to look through your work.  I've received some fabulous completed activities - keep it up!!


LO: to simplify improper fractions


Today in Maths you will be learning how to simplify improper fractions.  Before you start the lesson, we need to remind ourselves what an improper fraction is. 


Basically, an improper fraction is where the numerator is larger than the denominator.  For example, 6/5, 4/3, 9/15 etc.  Think of improper as being wrong (proper is correct) and as you have previously learnt, a fraction should have the numerator as smaller than the denominator.  Therefore, when the numerator is larger than the denominator then it is wrong (improper).

Open the link below which will be today’s Maths No Problem lesson - remember to use yesterday’s knowledge of simplifying fractions to work out your answers.  There isn’t an In Focus task today.  Work your way through the slides and then complete the two worksheets.  Please email your completed worksheets to me.


LO: to identify features of poetry


In English today, you will be identifying different features of poetry in our focus poem.  To remind yourself of the poem, click on the link, listen and read it again.

Let’s think about the features of poetry.  Write down how many you can remember.  When you have done this click on the link below to see how well you have done.

What I would like you to do now is identify some of these features in Last Night I Saw …  Have a look at the attached slides and my example and then identify at least 5 features of poetry.  Please email your completed work to me.


For your reading lesson, you will be completing a reading comprehension about Usain Bolt.  When you have downloaded the link, you will see that there are three different choices marked with stars at the bottom of each page.  The more stars, the trickier the work is!!  Challenge yourself - don't be tempted to go for the easiest one!  You might see that the answer sheets are also attached - don't peek!  Wait until you have completed all the questions before you self-mark your work.  Please email your completed work to me.


LO: to understand different forces


As we would have done if we were in school, we are starting our new unit of Forces in Science.  Please watch the online lesson via the link to National Oak Academy.  Listen to the video, read through each of the slides and then complete the online quiz.


LO: to understand pulse and rhythm


For our Music lessons, you will be following a National Oak Academy unit.  The unit I have chosen for you to complete is Pulse and Metre 1.  Click on the link to start your first lesson.  These lessons expect participation so if you don’t want to be lonely why not ask someone in your family to join in with you!