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Tuesday 19th January

Good Morning Year 2. 

I hope you are ready for another day of learning? Today we have Maths, English, Poetry, Handwriting, PE and PSHE.   Please send in your English, Maths and Handwriting. year2@leigh.covmat.org


Daily Reading  

Although we are not able to change your books at school every day, you do need to practice your reading skills.  Make time to do 10 minutes of reading with your adults before the end of the day.  I am sure you have plenty of books on your bookshelves.  Let me know if you read any really exciting ones that you think I might like! 


Below is a link to oxford owl where an account has been created to provide the children with some ebooks. 

Username: Leighclass2 

Password: Book1234 

I have also included some instructions below about how to log in if you face any difficulty. 


Mrs Bennett’s group  

To start, look at the text book.  Read the In Focus task and discuss the first question.  

How do we find out how heavy things are? What sort of things do we use?   

Look around your home to look for objects.  Compare the weight of these by holding them at the same time on your hands.  If you have access to some scales weigh the objects you have found so you can see exactly how much the objects weigh.  Remember the abbreviation 'kg' for kilogram.  


Now it is your turn!   

Have a go at the ‘Independent Practice’ which is a copy of the worksheet that you would have completed in your workbooks at school. During this work, discuss each problem. Concentrate on how the mass of an object can be found using different weighing scales.  Can you complete the questions on your own?    


Mrs Malone’s group  

Copy and complete your worksheet.  


Good luck!   

Send this piece of work to year2@leigh.covmat.org  


Mrs Bennett’s group  

Today you are editing your story that you wrote yesterday.  Look at the PowerPoint slide to help you think about how you can improve your story.  When you improve your work neatly cross out your chosen word and carefully write your new word above it.  Complete this for any punctuation you change.  


Listen to the poem ‘I am Brave’ by Laura Mucha.  


You can read along with the poet and see if you can add any expression.

Listen to it a few times and then see if you can join in reciting it.  Can you add expression, actions and see if you can perform it to an audience?  Can you perform it without any help?   

There is no need to send anything in but if you would like to send in a performance of the poem then I would love to see it!




Have a go at the words on the handwriting sheet. 

There is no need to print out the sheet.  Just copy each word.  Can you put these words into a sentence?  

Please send in your handwriting to year2@leigh.covmat.org 


As it’s a Tuesday it’s PE day! Mr Ashby would like you to have a go at a sofa workout!  

Click the link to see how to play.   


You could also have a go at a cosmic kids yoga.  Perhaps these ones?  

Sofa workout


We are continuing with our topic of Dreams and Goals. 

Mrs Entwhistle would like you to think about a time when you found something really tricky to do but when you persevered you were able to do that tricky something!


You can either print off the sheet or write this onto a sheet of paper.