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Today, please send in your Maths, English and Geography




Part 2 of Cloud Busting has been uploaded to You Tube - the link has been sent on Marvellous Me.  If you need it again, or would like the link for part 1 please email me and I'll send it to you.



LO: to multiply mixed numbers by whole numbers


Today’s lesson is the next step in multiplying fractions.  You will need to use the skills you have been learning this week to complete the work.  Watch my video lesson again if you need a reminder.  You need to complete the In Focus question today, and then as always work your way competently through the lesson making sure that you have solid understanding of how to multiply fractions.  You will need to convert your answers as they will be improper and your answers should be as mixed fractions.  Answer the workbook questions and then have a go at the challenge.  If you are unsure as to one method but are able to confidently complete the questions using your preferred method that is okay.   Please email me your work today.


LO: to answer reflective questions


The English today is thinking about reflectiveness.  For your main task, based on the story of Eric, you will be using illustrations to reflect on Eric’s thoughts and also your thoughts as you interpret the illustrations as to what is happening in the story.  Remember that you are still focusing on using modal verbs in your responses.  As yesterday, you will need to open the link which takes you through the lesson.   All the instructions for today’s lesson will be on the first sheet.  Your tasks for the lesson will follow on (all on one document).  Please send in your work today.


The Curious Case of Dr Salamander – Chapter Three


If you haven’t read the previous chapters, you will need to catch up before starting today’s lesson.


Today, I would like you to read chapter three of The Curious Case of Dr Salamander, cast your vote as to what will happen next and complete the quiz.  Your task today is to answer these questions (reading domain 2b: retrieve and record information / identify key details from fiction and non-fiction)


  1. Why do Mum and Dad put their fingers in their ears?
  2. Why does Mortimer throw a tennis ball into the house?
  3. What is in the library?


There is a link for the pre-printed sheet if you would like to use it.


Lo: to explore how water can be used for power to contribute to a sustainable future


Today’s Geography lessons in looking into and researching how we can provide sustainable power by using water.  You will be learning about how hydroelectric dams provide this sustainable energy.  Work your way through the slides and then I would like you to create a poster demonstrating the pros and cons of hydroelectric dams.  Please email me your work today.



In today’s French lesson you will learning more about French animals.  Click on the link for today’s lesson which will take you to a You Tube link where you will watch and join in with the lesson.