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WEDNESDAY 03.03.21

Three tasks to send in today: English, Maths and History.  Remember to send in all parts of the task and read the tasks and questions carefully.

You Tube video sent by email -

Maths: (1) 'In Focus & Let's Learn' (2) Guided Practice & Independent Practice

Story:  Year 1/2 reading to Year 6.

9:00 – 10:00 Maths (SEND IN) You Tube Video

Maths No Problem

LO:  To find the volume of cubes and cuboids using a formula.

Make sure you have the You Tube video that goes over the ‘In Focus’, but also the ‘Guided Practice’ and the worksheet if needed.  SHOW WORKINGS throughout!


  1. Go through the ‘In Focus’ task with me on the video.
  2. Complete the ‘Guided Practice’ – write the answers on the Word document.
  3. Worksheet.  Complete Q1a) – d).  Have a go at Q2 if your’e feeling confident.

Extension: Complete the challenge question. 

Mrs. Holdaway’s Group

LO: Calculate and compare the area of rectangles using square centimetres (cm2).

In this lesson you will estimate area and then apply a formula to calculating area.

  1. Complete the ‘Intro Quiz’.
  2. Work through the main learning.
  3. Complete the task by calculating the area of the rectangles on the worksheet in cm2.
  4. Complete the ‘Exit Quiz’.

10:00 – 10:45 Reading

World Book Day Activity:  Anagrams

Load up the PowerPoint and click on ‘Slideshow’ then ‘From Beginning’.  Play along with the game: Anagrams.  Can you unscramble the word in time? 

Extension:  Create some anagrams for me!  Give me a couple of clues if I’m struggling too.

11:00 – 12:00 English (SEND IN)

LO: To write a biography (Part 1).

This is lesson 9 of 10.  If you haven’t completed the other lessons, then go back and complete them before beginning today’s lesson.  In this lesson, you will recap previous learning and set success criteria.  You will then write the first three paragraphs of your biography.


  1. Follow the lesson through, using the worksheet to complete the mini-tasks throughout.

Easier Task

As above, but use the supported worksheet below. 

1:00 – 2:30 HISTORY (SEND IN)

LO: To explore how we know about the Kingdom of Benin from AD900 to 1300.

In this lesson we will be considering the advantages and disadvantages of sources of evidence in history – focusing on oral histories and archaeology.  Don’t rush this and think carefully throughout.  Keep referring back to the slideshow to gather some information for the main task.  I have not put a spelling lesson today again, so that you have extra time to complete this work properly and give it the focus it needs.  As last week, if it helps you to write notes as you go through the lesson, then do this!


  • Answer the first set of questions, which will highlight differing facts depending on evidence used.
  • Complete the Carroll diagram where you think about advantages and disadvantages of both types of evidence: oral and archaeological.

2:30 – 3:00 FRENCH

Today, you will be learning how to say numbers from 11 - 20, after recapping 0 – 10. Can you spot how we use the word ten in some of these words from 11 – 20?

Remember to click on the key words section to go through the new vocabulary that you have learned also.  You may need to click on the three vertical dots next to the words and choose play from the drop down menu so that you can hear the teacher saying them. Bon chance!

3:00 STORY You Tube Video

Listen to the story read to you by Year 1/2.  They are so adorable.