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Today, please send in your Maths, RE and Science.



LO: to compare and order mixed fractions


From today, I will be including a Maths challenge at the end of the lessons (just like we have in school).  Have a go at this, even if you’ve found the lessons tricky as it will be presented differently, and you might find it easier.  Today’s maths lesson is a continuation of last week’s lessons where you learnt how to compare and order fractions, with the difference being that you are focusing on mixed number fractions.  Remember when we are comparing you use  the <>= symbols to state which fraction is smaller, larger or show they are the same.  When you are ordering, remember that ascending order is getting larger (start with the smallest) and descending is where the numbers are getting smaller (start with the largest).  Please have a go at the In Focus task.  Don’t forget you can ask an adult or older sibling to help you with this.  When you have done this work your way through the Let’s Learn.  As usual, I’ve left the answers for you in Guided Practice.  Make sure that you are working through the questions and understanding how to work them out – don’t just look at the answers.  This won’t help you when you come to completing the two worksheets.  Draw your own bar models to help you answer the questions, if you are struggling.   Please email your Maths work to me today



LO: to understand features of a persuasive letter


We are starting a new unit of work in English today.  This will be persuasive writing (just like it would have been if we were in school).   The lessons are from Oak Academy again, but this time a different teachers for variety! This unit will last for two weeks and some days these lessons will be SPaG but still focusing on persuasive writing.  As with last week’s lessons you will need to participate and make notes where the teacher asks you to.  You can make notes of your own too.  These will then build throughout the two weeks to enable you to complete your final independent piece of writing.


Being Super


This week, reading will be different.  You will be using Fiction Express which is an online reading programme (click on the link).   I’ve sent your usernames and passwords on Marvellous Me.  If you don’t have them please email me on the class email address (year5@leigh.covmat.org) and I can email them to you.  We will be reading a book a week and everyday you will login and read a chapter.  There are various activities and quizzes for you to complete relevant to the day’s reading.   I will be able to log in to see which chapters you have read, the activities you have completed and to check that you are up to date with the lessons.  When you login in you will need to find the book Being Super, click on it and start reading Chapter One.  I’ve included a link with the instructions.


Today, I would like you to read Chapter One of Being Super, cast your vote as to what will happen next, and then answer the quiz.


LO: to understand contact forces


Today you will be following lesson 3 in our Forces unit where you will learn about different contact forces such as air and water resistance.  You will also be looking at friction and how this causes another form of resistance.  Please watch the online lesson via the link to National Oak Academy, read through each of the slides and then complete the online quiz.  Please email a copy of your completed quiz (take a photo of your screen).


LO: to understand The Sermon on the Mount


Today’s RE lesson is based on The Sermon on the Mount where Jesus preached many interesting and important life lessons.  The lessons were practical and applied to everyday life.  One important thing that Jesus said in his sermon was to “do to others what you would have them do to you.” This is so valuable that it is often referred to as the “Golden Rule”.  For your activity look through the power point and then create a poster explaining the Beatitudes and what they mean in modern day life.  I have also included a link with copies of the slides in a word document it this is easier fro you.  Please email me your finished poster.