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Week Beginning 6th February 2023

This week was ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’. We talked about how important it is to not only keep our bodies healthy by eating well and exercising but to also look after our mental health and feelings. We’ve talked about different feelings and what we can do/who can help us when we have feelings that make us feel bad.

We learnt that it’s normal and ok to feel happy, sad, angry, worried or confused sometimes.  We looked at pictures of children and talked about how we thought they might be feeling and why. 

We read the story of ‘The Colour Monster’ which helped us understand different feelings and that sometimes our feelings are all mixed up. We also read the stories ‘Everyone Feels Angry’, ‘Everyone Feels Sad’ and ‘Everyone Feels Scared’ and talked about what to do and who can help us if we ever feel like that.


We’ve been using a ‘5 Point Scale’ to show how we’re feeling over the week. It has really helped us identify how we feel and talk about our emotions.  We also understand what to do now when we feel 3, 4 or 5 on the scale.  Please click below to see this scale.


On Friday we listened to some stories Year 6 had written about how to manage our feelings and emotions.


Tuesday was Safer Internet Day. We learnt about how to stay safe online. One of the stories we read that helped us to learn how to stay safe online was 'Buddy The Dog's Internet Safety Story'. Please click on the link below to read the story. We also read the story of 'Chicken Clicking' which taught us an important lesson about staying safe on the internet and not making friends with people we don't know.

We all know now that if something strange happens when we're on a tablet, phone or computer, or if we're unsure of something, we must tell a grown up straight away. 


We enjoyed playing ‘Silly Soup’ this week which is a game to help us learn to listen carefully and identify rhyming words. We were only allowed to put words that rhyme into our silly soup!! We enjoyed singing the song each time we added a new ingredient into the soup!

‘We’re making lots of silly soup

We’re making soup that’s silly,

We’re going to put it in the fridge,

To make it nice and chilly!’.


We’ve been doing lots of super independent learning during ‘Busy Learning Time’ this week!