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Today, please send me your Maths, SPaG and Science.



LO: to write fractions as decimals


Firstly, apologies to you all as I was hoping to video this lesson for you, but due to problems with my laptop I have been unable to do this.  Instead, I have written the explanation and answer to the In Focus question for you, a bit like we do in class when we discuss it all together and then move onto the Let’s Learn section.   As always, work your way through the Maths lesson, ensuring that you fully understand the concepts before starting the workbook pages.  Make sure you have a go at the challenge too.  If you are unsure about any parts of the lesson please let me know and I will help you through it.   Please send me your completed Maths workbook and challenge to me.


LO: to design and book cover


This week’s Reading lessons are going to be different from Fiction Express.  As it is World Book Day on Thursday I thought I would plan our Reading lessons around different aspects of reading and books.  Today, I would like you to choose your favourite book and redesign the cover (this also includes the blurb on the back).  Click on the link to see examples of front and back covers of books.  This will give you an idea of the information you need to include, eg illustration, title, author, quote from a reader or another author and blurb.  Remember to fill your page – you don’t see book covers with a white background and a little picture and small writing!  Be creative – often people are drawn to books by their cover.  You are enticing the reader to pick up your book without them having to read a whole piece of writing.



This week, instead of English we are focusing on different elements of SPaG.  In today’s SPaG lesson I want you to complete the mini challenges.  There are a variety of SPaG questions for you to complete, which include punctuation, spelling, word classes and prefixes to name a few.  Please send your completed sheet to me.


LO: to spell words with suffixes


For your handwriting, you will need to complete three different handwriting sheets.  The focus of the handwriting is linked to spelling and you will be practising spelling words with the suffixes -tial, -cial, -ible, -able, -cious and -tious.


LO: to compare the gestation period for different mammals and look for patterns


Today’s Science is looking at gestation periods and comparing them between human and animals.  A gestation period is the length of time it takes for the fertilised egg to fully grow and is ready to be born.  Your task today is to read through the power point.  Make sure you click on the links in the power point as there are videos you will need to watch to support your learning and understanding. Then, I want you to complete the two data sheets.  The first one is looking at the length of gestation period of each individual animal and then round it to the nearest 10 days.  Then, you need to transfer this information onto a bar graph.  One is provided for you, or as a challenge you can draw your own (click on the link for squared paper to use).  Please send me your completed data and graphs.