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28th January

Please send in your maths, SPAG and PSHE work today. We can do this! 

Please be aware I am in the classroom this week, so responses to work will not be immediate.


LO: To revise our knowledge

Yesterday, you did a chapter check, which checked your knowledge on the chapter 'further multiplication and practice'. That is officially the 4th chapter we have finished - well done!

Today we are going to be checking on our knowledge of all the topics we have covered so far. As we have covered place value, addition and subtraction AND multiplication and division, these questions will be based on this. There are 10 questions in total. Once again, the importance is that you give them a try - don't worry if you get them wrong! This not only helps you understand what you are comfortable with, it also helps me understand where you need help for future lessons so I can support you further.

Try hard, and remember, as long as you try, I'll be proud of you. 


LO: To answer questions on the text

This week, we are going to be reading the book ‘Wings'

Today, you are going to read chapter 4 and then complete the online quiz. I will be able to see if you have done this activity so there is no need to send me your quiz results! I can also see how long you spend reading, so no pretending to read and then doing the quiz!

You each have your own log in which I will be sending to your adults to give to you. I will send it via marvellous me – if it doesn’t come through please email me at year4@leigh.covmat.org and I will send it to you there!


LO: To practice suffixes -ate and -en

Today you are going to be working on your suffixes. Please watch the video created by Mr Byrne-Smith, who will talk you through this. Have a go at the activities, pausing when he tells you to. Remember, there is no harm in getting something wrong, the important thing is that you give it a good try. Write down the spellings at the end, we’ll have a go at them tomorrow!


LO: To encourage yourself

Sometimes, when you try really hard at something and you just can't get it right, it is really easy to say 'I can't do this'. It's really easy to give up on something. However, with the right motivation, we can push ourselves to succeed. Sometimes someone just saying "You can do this!" helps you reach your goals. Today, Mrs Entwistle would like for you to write some motivation words for when you are struggling and need a boost!


Mr Ashby has worked hard to plan PE sessions for you over this lockdown! Here is today's task he has set for you! 

Balances – Let’s get creative!

· Stand on one leg, hold for 5 seconds

· Balance on tip toes for 5 seconds

· Balance on your stomach

· Balance on your back

· Balance on two hands, one foot

· Balance on two hands, two feet

· Balance on one hand, two feet

· Balance on your bottom

· Arabesque hold